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Located in Worcester County, Princeton, MA sits in between Sterling, Leominster, Westminster, Hubbardston, Rutland, and Holden. Home to a few thousand people, Princeton offers a quiet lifestyle perfect for families who want a small town feel within comfortable proximity of Boston. However, like many areas, Princeton has its fair share of pests, and if they’re in your home or business, you need trustworthy pest control services.

Living in Princeton, MA

Settled well over 300 years ago in the mid-1700s, Princeton is named after Reverend Thomas Prince. Prince was a clergyman, scholar, and historian who was born and raised in the colonies, making him one of the nation’s earliest homegrown scholars and writers.

Through its long history, Princeton has been through numerous changes, and a variety of legends have arisen from the activities of this area. Most notably when four-year-old Lucy Keyes vanished while fetching water from Wachusett Lake, her mother went searching for her, and legend says that the ghost of the mother and child still haunt the area. In fact, in 2006, the film “The Legend of Lucy Keyes”, set in Princeton, brought increased awareness to the area and that legend.

Pests in Princeton

When living in Princeton, home and business owners are generally a lot more likely to face trouble with pests, rather than ghosts. Mice, rats, and other rodents live in this area, and when they infest your home, commercial building, industrial facility, or even outbuildings on your property, they can spread diseases such as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, Lassa fever, leptospirosis, hemorrhagic fever, the plague, rat-bite fever, and more. These diseases are spread through direct contact and/or through exposure to feces. Rodents can also cause property damage.

There are also a variety of insects in Princeton. Some such as flour beetles, maize weevils, rice weevils, and countless others can infest, decimate, and contaminate food storage. Others, such as carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, and wood wasps bore into wood, potentially destroying furnishings, equipment, or even the structure of a building.

Pest Control Strategies

To get rid of pests effectively, you should contact a pest control specialist. If you just have a single mouse or a lone cockroach in your home, you can property catch and release or kill it easily. However, in most cases, when you see a pest, you have even more pests in the walls or floors, and you need professional assistance.

Pest control specialists in Princeton, MA understand the unique concerns faced by home and business owners in this area. They know how to deal with the pests most popular in this area, and they understand how to protect and safeguard historic properties while exterminating pests.

They also take steps to ensure that your home or business doesn’t face another infestation in the near future. If you want to protect your property, you may even want to hire a pest control expert to come into your building on a regular basis and monitor the area for risks.

Getting Help with Pest Control

Are you dealing with pests in Princeton, MA? Do you need help removing rats or mice from your home or business? Have pests invaded outbuildings or ruined your fields or landscaping? If so, we can help. To learn more about pest control in Princeton, contact us at Colonial Pest today. We are experienced pest control specialists who provide services to residential and commercial clients in Boston, Princeton, and the surrounding areas.



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