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Pepperell is home to about 12,000 residents in northern Massachusetts. The town began to attract workers and residents in the mid 1800′s because of rail traffic and available work in industrial paper mills, which also produced other textiles.

Though the paper mills no longer run and the tracks have been pulled up, Pepperell remains a beautifully scenic hamlet along the Nashua River, complete with a wonderful covered bridge and other features that make this New England destination popular among locals and tourists.

Unfortunately, it’s also a popular location for pests and nuisances that can destroy property, power lines, and even your Sunday barbecue.

Colonial Pest Control is the ultimate defense against infestations at any time of year. Our technicians have been in business since 1984, and we’ve dealt with virtually every kind of infestation you can imagine. Best of all, our technicians live in the same neighborhoods and communities that we serve, which means we know exactly what’s plaguing our neighbors.

Here are some comprehensive services we provide for Pepperell homes and businesses:

Termite Colony Termination

The most damaging insects you’ll find around your home make their colonies underground. Subterranean termites are a big problem in Pepperell because of the proximity to water and the area’s penchant for damp weather. This makes the older buildings damp nearly year round, which opens the door for termite colonies to thrive, build tunnels into your basement, and proceed to chew and destroy the weight-supporting beams your building relies on.

We use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination system, a non-intrusive and completely safe method of destroying termites in all their life stages. We plant these bait traps around your property in the soil and return often to check for success and apply new traps as needed. It’s a thorough solution to an infestation that can cause expensive damage to your home.

If you see swarms of winged termites or suspect your building’s wooden structures are getting weaker, call our experts for a thorough inspection.

Cockroach Elimination

In Pepperell, you can expect to see three different types of cockroaches: American, German, and Oriental. They all differ slightly in appearance: Oriental cockroaches are the smallest and cannot fly; German cockroaches appear golden with very long antennae; and American cockroaches can reach two inches in length and can be found climbing walls, ceilings and even flying.

Cockroaches may not appear to do much damage to your home, but they will seek out your food sources in cabinets, on counters and wherever else crumbs are left behind. Since cockroaches love dark, damp spaces, they’ll most likely come from your heating vents or sewer drains. This, coupled with their toxic feces, is why the cockroach’s pathogens can cause asthma, dysentery, and other diseases and illnesses that can endanger the health of you and your family.

We use effective and thorough baits that kill all life stages of the cockroach. Without this comprehensive treatment, the bugs will only come back once their young have matured and reproduced all over again.

Bat Relocation

As is the case in every town close to water, outdoor flying insects are found in abundance. Thankfully, bats have answered the distress call and will gladly eat millions of bugs and mosquitoes every summer.

Bats are forces for good until they’ve taken up residence in your attic or under your roof eaves. We only use humane bat removal services to relocate them to more natural habitats and let them continue to decimate disease-carrying insect populations in Pepperrell.

Our procedure includes two steps: exclusion and prevention. We first install a temporary one-way door in your attic that allows the bat colony to leave naturally but prevents them from getting back in. We’ll then seal up all other potential entry-points to your home, which frustrates the bats and forces them to relocate to more natural conditions. The bats are not harmed during this process, which also cuts down on human contact. This is important because bats can carry diseases, and their feces can carry pathogens that cause illnesses.

Instead of facing the bats yourself and risking a medical emergency, call the bat professionals at Colonial Pest Control. We’ll not only remove your bat infestation, but we’ll gladly conduct a thorough inspection of your property to make sure you aren’t experiencing/could potentially experience other infestations. Call us at 1-800-525-8084 right now!



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