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Pembroke, New Hampshire’s center of population, has had a few names over the years. Originally known as “Lovewell’s Town,” Pembroke was renamed “Suncook” around 1730 after the Suncook River, which flows through Pembroke to this very day. In 1759 it was renamed “Pembroke” in honor of the Earl of Pembroke, giving it the distinction of being one of the handful of New England towns not named after a corresponding town in original England.

Men had the advantage in Pembroke in the early days. The first census, taken in 1767, listed 49 unmarried men and 169 unmarried women. The total population of 557 swelled to 3,172 by 1890, mostly due to the influx of French-Canadians who moved to Pembroke to work in the mills.

The mills were powered by the river, and if there’s one immutable fact about water, it’s that the pests love it.

Carpenter ants, the bane of homeowners from the northernmost tip of New Hampshire to southern Massachusetts, thrive in damp, decaying wood. Mosquitoes breed in massive quantities around water. Even the lowly cricket prefers the dampness, and while they won’t harm you, the constant chirping can be painful to your eardrums.

Thankfully, Colonial Pest has experience with river towns like Pembroke, and we know how to exterminate those pests quickly and safely.

We’ve been providing low-cost protection from pests for residential homeowners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1984. If you’ve got a pest problem, call Colonial Pest Control at 1-800-525-8084 today!



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