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Anyone who thinks Peabody has been Peabody since Colonial times is quite mistaken. The city’s been around since the early 1600s, but for its first hundred-plus years, Peabody was part of neighboring Salem. In the 1700s, it was handed off to next-door neighbor Danvers, which it would remain part of until 1855, when it was rechristened South Danvers. Finally, in 1868, it was renamed after local philanthropist George Peabody, and became a city in 1916.

Peabody’s big claim to fame was its tanneries. Well into the 20th century, leather tanning was the cornerstone of Peabody’s economy and industrial base. The tanneries have all since closed, but local sports team still honor the legacy by calling themselves the Tanners.

One of Peabody’s less auspicious distinctions is its tendency to flood. The North River runs right under the center of town, so when torrential rains settle over the area, the water has nowhere to go. The flooding in Peabody was once so extensive that it was the backdrop for a comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Of course, we all know what a high water table means: pests. And if you’ve got pests, you’re going to need pest control in Peabody, MA. An exterminator who knows the area, and is fast and efficient. Like Colonial Pest.

We’ve been providing low-cost protection from pests for residential homeowners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1984. We’ve got more than 8,000 satisfied residential customers under contract for preventative maintenance.

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