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The town of Nottingham once included neighboring Northwood and Deerfield, until those towns were incorporated in 1773 and 1766, respectively.

Nottingham is the home of Pawtuckaway State Park, of the largest state parks in southern New Hampshire. One notable land grantee in Nottingham was Peregrine White, descendant of the first child of English parentage born in the Colonies, and a famous resident was Else Holmelund Minarik, author of children’s books No Fighting, No Biting! and the Little Bear series.

But something not noteworthy is the pest population in Nottingham. Carpenter ants make their home in Nottigham homes and chew their way through important wooden beams and frames. Wasps make their homes in all sorts of unexpected places and, when disturbed, sting with extreme prejudice. Even squirrels, not really thought of as a pest, can do serious damage to a home by destroying gable vents and ruining insulation with their excrement.

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