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Northborough, MA was incorporated in 1766 and was originally part of the Town of Marlborough and Westborough. In 1775, Northborough became its own town with representation at the Great and General Court of Boston. It now resides in Central Massachusetts in Worcester County and is roughly 18.8 square miles.

Northborough has an established sports history and is home to the New England Baseball Complex, where the New England Ruffnecks, a youth baseball association, plays. Additionally, several notable individuals of sports fame reside in Northborough, including Mark Fidrych, a former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, Mike Sherman, a former head coach for the Green Bay Packers, and Dorian McMenemy, a Dominican Republic Olympic swimmer.

Although not all Massachusetts cities are as steeped in sports culture as Northborough, it does share some similarities with other cities – unfortunately, Northborough is also home to many unwanted pests, like carpenter ants, wasps, cockroaches, and rodents.

Small piles of sawdust in your home, especially around windows, may be the work of carpenter ants. If you have carpenter ants, it’s important that you take action right away. These ants will tunnel through your home’s wooden framework and weaken it, which can be difficult if not impossible to fix. If you see signs of a carpenter ant infestation, don’t hesitate to get professional help.

Wasps are stinging insects that tend to act out when disturbed. Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly and can cause mild to serious reactions. Small wasp nests may be able to be safely removed on your own, but if you have a large wasp nest on your property, it is important to contact a professional pest control company like Colonial Pest.

Is Your Older Home More Susceptible to Infestations?

Like many of the homes in Massachusetts, those in Northborough tend to be older. Although this old Colonial feel can be charming, it also provides the perfect habitat for unwanted pest infestations. Materials used to build homes can degrade over time, especially through harsh winters and hot summers. As windows age, small gaps that form can allow pests into the home, as can cracks or fissures in the home’s foundation and openings in the roof.

Preventing Infestations Before they Start

Protecting your Northborough, MA home before an infestation occurs is key. Colonial Pest offers a wide variety of prevention services, including identifying potential entry points in your home and sealing them, as well as using perimeter treatments to keep pests at bay. Preventing an infestation before it occurs is less time consuming, stressful, and costly than eliminating an infestation after it has already occurred. This is especially true for older homes that may be more susceptible to pests.

Eliminating Infestations Quickly

In situations where a pest infestation is identified, it’s important to act quickly and contact a Northborough, MA exterminator as soon as possible. At Colonial Pest, we can help you effectively eliminate pests inside and outside your home, and in cases of wildlife or bee infestations, we are able to use humane methods to remove the creatures from your home and relocate them.

Colonial Pest provides pest removal services in Northborough, MA and throughout Massachusetts, and our 30 years of experience is backed by a 100% guarantee. Call 1-800-525-8084 today for a free estimate from one of our certified pest control specialists.



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