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Located in Belknap County, New Hampton is almost exactly in the geographical center of the state of New Hampshire. This small town sits partially on the banks of the Pemigewasset River, and it is only two hours from Boston, 45 minutes from Manchester, and 35 minutes from Concord. Residents enjoy a quiet lifestyle and great views in a charming atmosphere, but of course, like everywhere, the town of New Hampton has its share of pests.

History of New Hampton, NH

Originally incorporated in 1777, New Hampton had just 652 residents in 1790. Over the next 200 plus years, the town has only grown to just over 2,000 residents, and the biggest periods of growth where in the 1970s and 1980s, two decades where the population increased by nearly a third.

Unlike many New England towns with “new” in their name, New Hampton was not named after a town in England. Instead, it is actually named after Hampton, New Hampshire, the birthplace of Brigadier General Jonathan Moulton, the town’s moderator in its early days. A handful of other famous people have also called the area home, including Ernest Thompson, the author of “On Golden Pond” who used to spend summers in the area.

Pest Control in New Hampton, NH

If you live in New Hampton, you may end up dealing with infestations of mice, wood boring insects, or rats in homes or commercial buildings. Wondering if you need pest control help? In some cases, you may see the pests in your home or business, but often, you see signs of pests before you spot the actual creature. Here are a few signs you may have pests:

  • Sounds of scurrying in walls or other cavities in your home
  • Mouse or insect droppings
  • Piles of sawdust under window ledges, siding, or other wood in your home
  • Other signs of nesting including mounds in yards or rodent nesting materials under cabinets or in other hidden areas
  • Small holes along foundations that may be letting rodents enter your home
  • Holes in food boxes

How to Eliminate Pests

To get rid of pests inside or around your home or commercial building, you need to exterminate them. Depending on the type of pest, the most effective options may be traps, poisons, baits, or a combination of these three. However, to be successful, you can’t just get rid of the pests.

You also need to determine how and why they are setting up their nests in your area. Then, you need to take control of those elements. For instance, if pests are attracted to food in your home, that needs to be made unattainable. Similarly, if they are getting into your home through a small hole, that needs to be closed to stop access.

When you contact Colonial Pest, we use the double-pronged pest control technique described above. Whether you have rats, mice, ants, wasps, termites, or any other type of pest bothering you, we get rid of the pest, and then we analyze the situation and take steps to prevent the pest from returning.

We also offer preventative pest control services to many business owners in the area. Do you have pests in New Hampton? Then, you need a pest control specialist who understands the threats in this area and how to deal with them. Contact us today for pest control services. We want to help make your home or business pest free.



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