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Natick may be located only 15 miles from the big city life in Boston but to the local residents it is a small family town with its own specific pest control problems. The city has an estimated population of 33,000 and is centered around Downtown Natick. With the two major streets named Main Street and Central Street, the small town next to the big city obviously maintains its family-friendly neighborhood atmosphere. The majority of the housing developments were built back in the 1940s and 1950s, which gives the town a classic style but also means that the structural integrity of the buildings is beginning to weaken. With pests running rampant in the Northeast, old buildings are the most susceptible to infestations.

Although Boston is just around the corner, Natick still has that small town feel and needs to have a local pest control service to understand and treat their specific issues. Colonial Pest Control has experienced exterminators located in Natick who understand the city’s unique issues and are trained to treat them quickly and effectively. There aren’t any other pest control companies that can provide the level of quality service and that understand your specific community.

When it comes to pests and rodents, not all cities are equal. One of the main benefits of having an exterminator with knowledge of the local pests is that they are trained to safely and efficiently remove the pests that are most common to your region. Natick suffers from pests such as termites, hornets and wasps, carpenter ants, bats, and squirrels, which all require a specific expertise to properly and safely remove them from your home. While there are staple pests and rodents that plague the Northeast every year, there are other pests such as snakes, moles, silverfish, cockroaches, and rats that also need a professional exterminator in order to be eliminated.

Termites Damage Control – Termites will eat away at your home’s old wood, and if they are not taken care of promptly, can completely destroy entire rooms, walls, roofs, and more. Termites will eat the wood from the inside out so many people don’t actually notice the damage until it is too late. There are tell-tale signs of a termite infestation that you can look for. First, if you see any small mud shelter tubes from the ground to your wall then you know they have already began eating away at your wood structure. Another good sign is if you see small winged termites called “swarmers” flying around indoors. The swarmers usually come out between February and April. If you see them, call Colonial Pest Control immediately to save your structure from any more

Carpenter Ants – Similar to termites, carpenter ants will quickly bore into the wood in your home and ruin the structural integrity. They try to create a nest inside your home and quickly become a nuisance that is almost impossible to control without professional extermination. Carpenter ants are the number one wood destroying pest in the area and should be dealt with immediately. Keep an eye out for sawdust-like material near small entrances into your structure to know if you have a carpenter ant problem.

Hornets and Wasps – There are some pests that are actually good for the local area like bees, hornets, and wasps, but they are definitely a nuisance when they move in too close to home. While they are not harmful to your home’s structure, they can pose a threat to the residents because of their ability to sting, bite, and cause allergic reactions for some people. Some people attempt to get rid of these pests on their own just to find out that it is dangerous and difficult. Save yourself the hassle of multiple stings and call a professional exterminator who can safely remove a hive without posing any danger to your family.

Bat Removal – A lot of people actually enjoy having bats living nearby their home because they are “free exterminators” for your mosquito and bug problems. But bats pose a great threat to your home and family once they make their way inside places like your garage and attic. Bats are known to harbor multiple diseases and they leave toxic feces that you do not want to be touching or even breathing in. While you can’t legally kill the bats, a pest control professional from Colonial can help safely remove them from your property and transport them far enough away where they will not find their way back in.

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