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Serving Middlesex County since 1984

Rats, bats, ants, squirrels, and more: we can take care of any unwanted houseguests in Marlborough, MA! Colonial Pest Control has helped over 8,000 customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire rid their households of pests. It doesn’t matter how big or small the infestation is; we have the Marlborough pest professionals to help you exterminate those squatters.

Colonial Pest Control has the industry’s finest exterminators on staff and we realize the value of having an expert nearby to all the local communities we serve. Our Marlboro exterminators are specially trained to take care of pests that are unique to the community. Not all pests are equal and it is important to have a pest control service that knows how to deal with both pests that attack suburban and urban areas. Our Marlboro, MA pest control know exactly what problems the community is facing and are waiting nearby to help in an instant.

Having a reputable pest control specialist nearby also helps ensure you receive prompt service. No family wants to wait a couple days before the exterminator shows up to finally treat the ant infestation. Instead of calling a pest control company in Boston who only understands urban pests and takes several days to respond, you now have quick access to a local expert who can help get rid of your pests almost immediately. We are just a quick phone call away at 1-800-525-8084 and our Marlborough pest specialist will help kick out those frustrating pests.



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