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The birthplace of Marine Corps Aviation, Marblehead, Massachusetts is a popular coastal destination that is considered the yachting capital of the United States and is home to six yacht clubs, four beaches, and several boat ramps.

While Marblehead’s landscape has a lot to offer residents and visitors, it also has a lot to offer unwelcome guests, such as rodents and mosquitos. With several wildlife sanctuaries and marshes, Marblehead has the perfect climate for pests that are looking for somewhere to make themselves comfortable. The wet marshes are the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos and can cause neighboring residents a great deal of annoyance – especially during West Nile Virus season. And the wooded sanctuaries, while great for Massachusetts’ native bird population, can increase the number of rodents that get into residents’ houses.

Nobody wants to have rodents, bugs, and other pests move in. Residents, summer dwellers, and vacationers alike can agree that a pest-free domicile is best. The best way to prevent these unwanted guests from entering your home is to seal any obvious holes, cracks, and entry points. Make sure you keep your screenless doors shut, even though it is tempting to let the ocean breeze in all summer long, because that is a sure way to invite a pest problem in. Also, seal any openings larger than a quarter of an inch because, believe it or not, rodents can fit through a crack that size.

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having rodents or other pests in your Marblehead home, it is always a good idea to get in touch with a pest expert like us. At Colonial Pest, we provide professional pest control to the more than 20,000 residents of Marblehead. While we can’t say that Marblehead faces unique pest problems when compared to other coastal New England towns, we can say that we are here to help no matter what pests are plaguing your home.



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