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Malden, Massachusetts sure is a great place to live. In fact, this town of about 60,000 people six miles north of Boston, MA, ranked above all other towns and cities in the state in 2009 for that exact reason. Word about the town’s BusinessWeek 2009 “Best Place to Live” award must have caught on fast, though, because there’s been a huge population growth in the past few years.

And we’re not talking about suburban families looking for good schools or a fair cost of living. We’re talking subterranean colonies seeking the most delicious wooden homes Malden has to offer and a fair chance at stinging a few people along the way. They’re the kind of creepy-crawlies that will have you calling for pest control in Malden, for your home or business.

But talk about a welcome party—Colonial Pest Control is ready to send those creepy-crawly newcomers back into the Malden sewers where they came from. Our technicians and experts comprise the premier local pest extermination team in New England. We’re not just a Malden area exterminator; we actually live in these towns. We know the major pests and we know how to get rid of them. Best of all, we love doing it.

Here are some of the pest control services we provide to residents of Malden and surrounding towns:

Bee and Wasp Removal – Unfortunately for honeybees, they often get lumped into the same group as dangerous and potentially dangerous insects like bald-faced hornets and yellow jackets.

In fact, honeybees are extremely vital to our agricultural process: they are responsible for pollinating many flowers, fruits, and vegetables we eat, and we use their honey and bee pollen for many other uses as well. Despite their altruistic duties, they still get mistaken for the more dangerous members of the black-and-yellow flying family.

For example, bald-faced hornets are extremely aggressive against any person, child, or pet they see as coming too close to their nest. It’s too bad that they have a penchant for building nests where humans often go, like tool sheds, the eaves of your roof and even in entryways. As soon as you see a paper nest being erected by these mostly black hornets, call Colonial Pest Control right away. Don’t attempt to smack the nest or destroy it on your own, or risk infuriating an already angry hive.

Yellow jackets are another dangerous group of social wasps, and you’ll find them in equally odd areas. You could stumble upon a nest partially buried in a rodent burrow in the ground (which is awful if you’re trying to mow the lawn) or you can find them in your attic rafters and within wall spaces in the warmer months. Since their aggressive tendencies can cause serious harm to your family, call Colonial Pest Control’s experts to come out and rid your property of these nuisances quickly.

Fleas – With all the pets in Malden, and all the children (after all, it’s one of the best places around to raise both), fleas are a legitimate concern for anyone—and not just households with cats, dogs, or kids. Fleas can come from many sources, and they don’t need a pet around to thrive.

On the contrary, fleas can come from other people who visit, feral animals like squirrels, raccoons and cats and dogs, or they could be left over from a previous tenant or resident.

Ridding your home of these pests is often difficult, since there are usually so many eggs that can escape most treatments and grow into hungry adults once the treatment is completed. Of course, Colonial Pest Control has mastered the technique of cutting generations off before they have a chance to fully develop using an insect growth regulator alongside efficient insecticides. If you suspect you have fleas, call our office today before you have a thousand bugs biting your ankles to shreds.

Mice and Other Rodents – The sharp, pointy teeth of these little critters can do more damage to your home’s insulation and electrical system than any insect species. Plus, they all carry diseases that you just don’t want to deal with (remember, rats had a huge part in the Black Plague of medieval times). You’ll hear them squeaking and running around in your attic or behind your walls, and that’s the time to call Colonial Pest Control.

We’ll indentify the hotspots quickly and proceed to seal up all entryways to your home so that these pests don’t return. We use a method called exclusion—it’s essentially a one-way door that prevents re-entry—so that they can escape and move onto their more natural habitat.

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