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Lunenburg is home to a variety of common pests, such as:

Raccoons – Raccoons can dig through your compost piles and refuse for food. They may also occasionally decide to live in your home, usually an attic or basement. If you see a Raccoon frequently around your yard it’s best to contact a professional pest removal service to conduct preventative measures to keep the raccoons from getting inside your home.

Yellow Jackets – A common type of bee. Yellow Jackets are potentially dangerous and very aggressive bugs. Their nests are built of comb enveloped in paper, and sometimes adhered to the sides or eaves of houses. Contact Colonial Pest Control if you find a yellow jacket nest. Don’t try to remove it yourself or you could be sorry.

At Colonial Pest, all of our highly experienced Lunenburg, Massachusetts, pest control experts are fully licensed and state certified. We have have serviced happy customers in over 8000 homes throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and we offer a 6-month warranty on our work.

Worry-free early preventative maintenance services are also available, to protect your home before pests invade. Contact our Lunenburg pest control service today, at 1-800-525-8084!



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