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Litchfield, just over the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border, was originally known as Naticook. The town’s name was changed to Brenton’s Farm in 1729, and then in 1749, a group of settlers renamed it Litchfield after the “Earl of Litchfield”.

Litchfield’s been known by a few different names, but the pests that call it home don’t care what it is. They just want to make your life miserable.

But you don’t have to let them! We can help you fight back and reclaim your town. If you’re in Litchfield and any pests are a problem, you need a skilled and experienced exterminator like Colonial Pest Control.

We’re one of the largest and most sought-after pest control companies in central and eastern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and southern Maine. Tens of thousands of satisfied residential customers can’t be wrong! You can reach us at at 1-800-525-8084!

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