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Lancaster was incorporated in 1653 and is the oldest town in Worcester County. Lancaster is home to Atlantic Union College, a multitude of old, historic homes, apple orchards, farms, and historic sites. Lancaster is home to many recreational wildlife areas with an abundance of wildlife. Of course this also means a variety of insects and other pests can be found in Lancaster. Such as:

Carpenter Ants – These insects are common and are attracted to moist areas, especially the wood in your home or yard. Carpenter Ants can be destructive if left untouched.

Yellow Jackets – One of the more common types of bees. They’re very aggressive and potentially dangerous insects. They build nests of comb enveloped in paper, which can sometimes be attached to the sides of homes. If you find a yellow jacket nest contact a pest control removal specialist to remove them.

Raccoons – Raccoons will dig through trash or compost piles for food. Occasionally they may decide to nest inside your home, usually a basement or attic. If you see a Raccoon frequently around your yard it’s best to contact a professional pest removal service to conduct preventative measures to keep the raccoons from getting inside your home.

If you live in Lancaster, and are experiencing problems with any type of pests, call us at 1-800-525-8084, or fill out our Request a Free Quote form. Our experienced Lancaster, MA pest control experts are state certified and fully licensed. We offer a six month pest control services warranty too!



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