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Groton, MA is nestled within Middlesex County. The town is highly valued for its two prep schools – Lawrence Academy at Groton and Groton School – and the town is well known for its hosting of the National Shepley Hill Horse Trials, a popular equestrian competition.

The history of Groton is rich, and the town historically involved in both Queen Anne’s War and King Philip’s War. The town also gained notoriety for insurrection incidents during Shays’s Rebellion and was the birthplace of the famous William Prescott – Commander of the Colonial troops at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Modern day Groton isn’t as tumultuous and although the area is just 33 or so square miles, it is the largest town in Middlesex County. Like all other towns in this area, Groton isn’t immune to the various pests that plague Massachusetts during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Residents of Groton frequently have their homes treated to keep unwanted pests like wasps, carpenter ants, fleas, cockroaches, and other insects away.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter AntsAlthough Carpenter ants don’t bite or sting like other types of ants, they do pose a threat to homeowners. Carpenter ants will burrow into the internal wood structures of a home and destroy them, sometimes only leaving small piles of what looks like sawdust in their wake to indicate their presence. This burrowing can make the structure of a home weak and many times, it’s too difficult to repair the damage done deep inside the home. If you see any signs that are associated with a carpenter ant infestation, it’s critical that you reach out to a professional pest removal company as soon as possible.


WaspWasps are a nuisance all over the U.S., including in Groton, MA. Whether you are dealing with paper wasps, mud daubers, or another kind of wasp, you are at risk for getting stung multiple times. This is particularly true if you have a nest nearby. Wasps are capable of stinging more than once, unlike a bee who dies after losing its stinger in a single sting. Individuals who are allergic to stinging insects have more to worry about with wasps, since they have the potential to produce a serious and sometimes life threatening reaction. Never try to remove a wasp nest from your home or property – contact a pest control professional for help.

Do Old Homes Have More Potential for Pests?

Like most towns in Massachusetts, Groton is full of old Colonial-esque residences. While these can be charming to live in, the older structures are, in fact, more at risk for pest infestations than newer built homes. Even the highest quality materials can degrade over so much time, leaving cracks in the foundation or holes in the roof. These problems can let in pests and in some cases nuisance animals, without the knowledge of the homeowner until it is too late.

Quickly Eliminate a Pest Infestation

If your Groton, MA home shows signs of a pest infestation – whether they are carpenter ants, wasps, cockroaches, fleas, or another type of insect – don’t wait to get help. Contacting a professional pest removal company like Colonial Pest can make getting rid of pests and nuisance animals simple and affordable. Our experienced Groton exterminators will assess the infestation and come up with one or more solutions to eliminate the problem and prevent the same from happening again.

An Ounce of Prevention

Once you’ve eliminated an infestation – or if you don’t have one yet – it’s important to take measures to protect your home from additional pests. At Colonial Pest, we have a wide variety of prevention services available to keep your Groton, MA home pest free in all seasons of the year. We utilize safe compounds both in and outside of your home to keep pests at bay, and our technicians are also able to spot areas of your home that may be a potential entry point for unwanted insects and animals. We’ll help you seal these areas and can get you set up on a regular maintenance schedule so pests can become the least of your worries.

Colonial Pest provides pest removal services in Groton, MA and throughout Massachusetts, and our 30 years of experience is backed by a 100% guarantee. Call 1-800-525-8084 today for a free estimate from one of our certified pest control specialists.



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