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Most people think of Salem or Boston as the first settlement in Massachusetts, but that distinction belongs to Gloucester. It was founded in 1623, three years before Salem, but conditions were so harsh there that it was abandoned and the settlers moved to Naumkeag (which would eventually become Salem), where the soil was more hospitable for planting.

Gloucester would eventually be resettled and grow into Massachusetts’ most iconic fishing port. It’s the home of Gorton’s of Gloucester, a nationally recognized seafood brand. It’s also home to the annual St. Peter’s Fiesta, a festival honoring the patron saint of fishermen.

Despite its quaint seaside village feel, Gloucester has its share of danger. Since its founding, more than 10,000 fishermen have been lost at sea. Its proximity to the ocean makes it vulnerable to damage from tropical storms and hurricanes. And of course, like all towns in Massachusetts, Gloucester has pests.

Pests like:

Mosquitoes are fairly indiscriminate and will feed on anything that will supply them with blood, humans and animals alike. Because of their bloodsucking nature, they’re considered the number one killer of humans in the world because of the diseases they can carry. There’s generally no concern in a place like Gloucester for diseases like malaria and West Nile virus, but mosquitoes are still bad news for your family.

Mice are one of the largest pest problems in the area. They can cause quite a bit of physical damage to your home, and their fecal matter can contaminate your food, water, and even the air you breathe, making them a legitimate health hazard to your family. You’ll find them in basements, attics, food storage areas, and in wood piles in the yard.

If you have an infestation of bees or wasps, you may be tempted to try and rid yourself of them. This is not recommended. One wrong move can put you in a world of pain, so call Colonial Pest Control as soon as you notice the problem.



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