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Named after the small market town of Epsom, England, Epsom prides itself on its rural beauty, verdant farm lands, and tightly knit community. Epsom was incorporated as a town in 1727. It’s bordered on the north by Pittsfield, on the east by Deerfield and Northwood, on the south by Allenstown, and on the west by Chichester and Pembroke. The town is just over 34 square miles, and the highest point in Epsom is the 1,413-foot Fort Mountain.

Epsom, like most quaint New Hampshire towns, is very green. Plenty of grasslands, trees, plants, and flowers. But as pretty as it all may be, all of that foliage is a magnet for pests. Insect pests like carpenter ants and wasps. Critter pests like mice and squirrels. Pests that are both bothersome and potentially dangerous.

Carpenter ants make their nests inside decaying wood. As they tunnel deeper and deeper into the structure of your home, the framework of the house becomes weak and compromised. Don’t mess around if you’ve got carpenter ants. Call Colonial Pest!

Wasps are nasty little buggers that tend to sting first and ask questions later. If your child or pet runs afoul of a wasp’s nest, the results can be catastrophic. Don’t take on wasps yourself when you’ve got an exterminator just a phone call away. Call us!

Mice and squirrels tend to keep to themselves mostly, and they don’t have stingers or swarm you like other pests will. Still, you don’t want them as uninvited house guests. Colonial Pest will send them on their way and close up any points of entry, so your home will be a hotel with a NO VACANCY sign.

If you’re dealing with these pests or any others, in Epsom or anywhere else in New Hampshire, call us at 1-800-525-8084 today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!



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