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Dorchester, MA, is home to more than 90,000 Bostonians. Dorchester, being a neighborhood in south Boston since the early 1800s, is home to a very diverse population, and it’s still seen as a destination for many incoming immigrants from Europe.

Perhaps the most famous immigrant of all, though, is a bean, and not the baked-bean variety that gave Beantown its nickname. These beans came from the West Indies, and eventually were alchemized into chocolate and America’s first chocolate factory.

Unfortunately chocolate isn’t the only thing the people of Dorhcester encounter. That’s right; the town is susceptible to infestations and pest control issues. Colonial Pest Control technicians are highly motivated to eradicate your hungry pests before they eat you out of house and home.

Here are some of the services we provide to Dorchester residents:

Carpenter Ants – Ants are everywhere, and they cause more damage in New England than termites do. Carpenter ants can grow to be half an inch long, which is bad news for homes with damp and decaying wood. A carpenter ant colony will tunnel into these areas, weakening structures and weight-supporting beams that could cause extreme damage and unsafe conditions in your home.

Look for little piles of sawdust around the walls of your basement, garage or patio. This is residue from the tunneling process, and could signal an infestation. You’ll also see winged ants buzzing around.

Colonial Pest Control is highly adept at locating these colonies and eradicating them quickly. We even provide preventative measures once we’ve terminated the ants to make sure they never come back to do more damage.

Termites – While we’re on the subject, termites are another wood-loving destructor you must be aware of in Dorchester. Termites are attracted to wet areas, just like carpenter ants, and that makes Dorchester and other Boston neighborhoods a prime target.

In the northeast, we must deal with subterranean termites that burrow in the soil and soft areas around the home. They build underground tunnels that aim directly for your foundation and the wood located there, so it could be too late before you catch the damage and seek treatment. Look for winged termites in April and May; they’re the best signal you can get that termites are interested in your basement.

The experts here at Colonial Pest Control use the chemical-free and unobtrusive Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. This system is implanted into the area around your house, preventing the need to drill into your home’s precious wood. It doesn’t interact negatively with groundwater, and injects no fluids or chemicals of any kind into the soil.

Cockroaches – Cockroaches come in three flavors: the American cockroach, the German cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. American cockroaches can grow to be two inches long, and since they have feet that allow them to climb vertical planes with ease, they are quite formidable nuisances.

You’ll see them emerging from drains and low-lying wet areas where they thrive. Unfortunately, cockroaches often come from the sewer system, which aids the fact that they can cause diseases with their mere presence (though usually their droppings are most potent). After all, they just climbed out of your sewer, and now they’re walking around your kitchen. That’s not good.

Since each kind of cockroach is slightly different, and they’ll adapt to your living conditions in order to survive, our technicians will apply a unique service plan that fits your needs perfectly. With the help of our on-staff entomologists, cockroaches, termites and carpenter ants will soon be a distant memory.



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