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Dedham was originally to be named Contentment, but the Massachusetts General Court overruled the decision and chose Dedham, naming it after the corresponding town in England. The current town seal, however, bears a banner across the bottom that reads “Contentment.”

Dedham is well known for its distinctive Dedham Pottery, created by Dedham resident Hugh Robinson and his family. It’s also home to the Fairbanks House, the oldest surviving timber frame structure in the country.

Clearly, if the Fairbanks House has survived for more than 350 years, it hasn’t been subjected to the ravages of termites and carpenter ants. How do we know? Because this is what termites and carpenter ants do:

Termites – Termites are more destructive than all the storms and tornadoes in the country combined, causing billions of dollars in damage to wood-framed structures annually. Unlike their destructive counterparts outlined below, termites actually consume the wood they’re destroying, meaning they’re literally eating you out of house and home. Termites don’t leave a whole lot of evidence of what they’re up to, but if you suspect you’ve got them, time is of the essence. Every day you hesitate is one more day for them to burrow deeper in.

Carpenter Ants – Carpenter ants don’t consume the wood the way termites do, but they do outrank termites when it comes to being the number-one pest in our region. Instead of eating the wood, carpenter ants excavate it, creating tiny little tunnels through which they move. This means they’re a little easier to spot than termites, since they have to dispose of their sawdust somewhere, but they’re just as insidious, compromising the structural integrity of your home’s frame and leaving it vulnerable to collapse.

If you’re in Dedham and you’re dealing with either termites or carpenter ants, be sure to call Colonial Pest right away at 1-800-525-8084.



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