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If you’d only ever heard the name of this town spoken by Massachusetts natives, you’d think it was spelled “Chelmsfid.” Which no doubt annoys residents of Chelmsford, England, after which the town is named, but that’s the Boston accent for you.

Chelmsford has existed since 1655, when it was incorporated as a town. The Chelmsford militia was part of the Battle of Bunker Hill and The Battle of Lexington and Concord during the Revolutionary War. It was once home to a school opened by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the Chelmsford Spring Company, which was later purchased by Canada Dry. The Chelmsford Spring Company’s style of ginger ale is still produced to this day by Polar Beverages.

Chelmsford has a few connections to the National Hockey League. Current St. Louis Blues player Keith Aucoin, and NHL greats Phil Bourque and Jon Morris, have all called Chelmsford home.

If only the town could put all of its pests on ice. Pests like:

Baldface hornets – These are aggressive little stingers that establish a home in paper nests and will attack you if you wander too close. Which is a bit of a shock if you’re blissfully unaware of the nest’s presence. Hornet stings are very painful, and if they swarm you they can be fatal, so if you discover a nest, leave it alone and call Colonial Pest right away.

Fleas & ticks – Most folks think that as soon as summer turns to fall, they don’t need to worry about fleas and ticks. Not so! Fleas and ticks are tenacious little bloodsuckers, and while sustained snowfall will likely take the spark out of them, they can still be problematic right up until winter. Keep an eye out for them well into the cold weather.

Fleas and ticks are a serious health hazard, so if you see or even suspect them, call Colonial Pest right away!

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