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The oldest neighborhood in Boston, Charlestown sits on a peninsula north of the Charles River, near the Mystic River and Boston Harbor waterways. The colonial architecture and proximity to multiple waterways lend this area its unique charm, but at the same time, these elements can also help to make the area hospitable for pests. If you need pest control in Charlestown, MA, Colonial Pest can help.

History of Charlestown, MA

Although originally its own city, Charlestown became part of Boston in 1874. In the 1800s, the area had a large Irish American population due to people leaving Ireland during the Great Irish Famine, but over the last 200 years, the population has shifted. Now, the area has a blend of locals with Irish roots living alongside an affluent population who moved to the area as part of the urban gentrification trend of the last few decades.

Pests in Charlestown, Boston, MA

In Charlestown, you may end up dealing with a variety of different pests, but most homeowners tend to have issues with the following insects:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Carpenter ants
  • Silverfish

These insects have huge populations around the world, and they can quickly take over a home or office. Beyond that, you may end up with mice or rats in your home or commercial property. There are a few different species of both in the Charlestown area, including deer mice, house mice, voles, black rats, brown rats, and others. In some cases, you may be dealing with unwanted wildlife in your home or on your property, and that list includes squirrels, chipmunks, sparrows, raccoons, skunks, and others. Our knowledgeable specialists can help with all these pests.

Pest Control Options

If you have pests, you can attempt to eliminate them with traps, poisons, sprays, and other pest control methods. However, all of those pest control methods have some element of danger, especially with children and pets. To be on the safe side when dealing with a large-scale infestation, you should hire a professional.

Pest control professionals get rid of the pests currently inhabiting your home or property, but they also take time to look over the area and figure out how the pests are obtaining access. Then, they make changes as necessary to disrupt the pest highway into your yard or from your yard into your home. By contacting a professional as soon as possible, you help to sidestep health threats and minimize the damage to your home and property.

Get Help with Pests

Whether your family has been in Charlestown for generations and you consider yourself a bonafide “townie” or if you’ve recently been drawn to the area, you may occasionally have to deal with pests. To eliminate pests as quickly as possible and to prevent them from returning, you need quality pest control services from professionals who understand the challenges in Charlestown, MA.

To get help, contact us at Colonial Pest Control today. We can get rid of the pests in your life.



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