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This small town in Merrimack County, New Hampshire had a population of a little over 2,300 people in the last U.S. Census. Originally, Lieutenant Governor John Wentworth granted the township back in the 1700’s. The name comes from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Today, visitors make their way to this old and historic town to enjoy the Canterbury Fair and Shaker Village.

Canterbury, NH Common Pests

Canterbury, NH only encompasses about 44 square miles and permanently houses a few thousand people. Like every New Hampshire town, even this small area offers plenty of chances for pests to breed. These are some examples of common pests that may inhabit buildings and grounds in this small town from time to time.

Rodents: Whenever people provide a chance for rodents to obtain food and shelter, there is a risk of an infestation of mice or rats. These small creatures can make their way into a dwelling through the tiniest of openings. Because these small creatures breed so quickly, it’s important to get rid of them promptly. One rodent may seem small, but they may carry diseases and destroy property very quickly.

Stinging wasps: Bees aren’t usually aggressive, and we know they have an important place in the ecosystem. On the other hand, wasps may actually chase people and can pose a real threat. It’s best to engage professional help to get rid of any wasp nests that might be found inside or outside a home. Even one wasp sting hurts, and some people have allergies that cause them to have a serious reaction.

Ants: Some kinds of ants merely pose a nuisance because they may bite, get into the pantry, or feast upon landscaping and garden plants. Carpenter ants can damage a home’s wooden structures just like termites can. Homeowners might suspect they have been infested with carpenter ants if they see small piles of sawdust around the outside of their home.

Protect Vulnerable Older Buildings

Residents of Canterbury take justifiable pride in their many older and historical homes and buildings. At the same time, classic buildings may be more vulnerable to infestations because they aren’t sealed so well or the original sealing has worn away. Aging may open up small holes or cracks around windows, doors, roofs, and foundations.

Building owners may not even notice these small openings; however, you can be sure that unwanted insects or rodents will. It doesn’t take more than a little water, a few crumbs, light, and warmth to attract many pests.

Let Us Protect Your Canterbury Home Against Pests

At Colonial Pest Control, we want you to know that we hope to work as your partner to keep your home or business free of invasive pests. Not only will we use safe solutions to get rid of your current invasions, we will also provide you with tested tips to avoid problems in the future. We’ve been protecting your neighbors for over three decades, and you can call us today at 1-800-525-8084 for a free quote from a certified pest control specialist.



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