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Almost completely surrounded by the behemoth big brother city of Boston, Brookline has remained strong in keeping its own identity. This smaller urban city was incorporated back in 1705 and has maintained a Northeast countryside feel in the midst of an urban city. The city houses a healthy population of about 60,000, but is not as dense as the surrounding urban centers and college towns. With rodents and other pests on the rise in the Northeast, Brookline is no exception and requires specialized pest control attention.

Colonial Pest Control specializes in staffing locally experienced exterminators that know the community and especially understand how to get rid of the pests that are a nuisance in Brookline. Only professionals can successfully exterminate the totally unwelcome bed bug—a nearly impossible DIY endeavor, safely remove environmentally beneficial critters like bats, and look out for your family’s health by removing disease-carrying pests like mosquitoes. Colonial Pest has been treating all types of buildings in Brookline since 1984, and can defeat any tough infestation Brookline throws into the ring, including the following.

Bed Bugs: These nasty little critters have been hurting the Northeast even though they were supposed to be long gone in the 50s. Unfortunately, they are back and hitching rides on travelers to spread themselves all over the country. Colonial Pest Control can not only seek out the bed bugs and exterminate them, but we do so without harmful chemicals that are left lingering in your home for your family to breathe—so you can sleep easier in more ways than one.

Asian Longhorned Beetle: The City of Brookline released an alert for the Asian Longhorned Beetle effective through 2011. While it is not likely that you will experience a problem inside the home, residents should keep an eye out for the beetle because they spell out significant trouble for wooded areas, including parks and other open spaces with trees and foliage. This sleek black beetle with white spots and extra-long antennae can destroy Brookline’s beautiful Elm, Birch, and Maple trees.

Rats: Life in developed areas unfortunately involves big rodents that somehow always make their way into homes, garages, and inside walls. Rats potentially carry diseases and can cause structural damage, making them one of the worst rodents to have lingering around. If you find droppings or even suspect an infestation, have a professional exterminator take a look and get rid of them for good. You don’t want to share your personal space and food with these guys.

Cockroaches: A disgusting pest that seems to be one of the most resilient creatures in nature keeps coming back to haunt Brookline. American, German, and Oriental cockroaches are all common in the area and seek out humid or damp areas to live. Clean out your basement and crawl spaces, and keep the trash cans far away from the house to prevent a cockroach infestation this year. If you frequently see cockroaches during the daytime and away from the kitchen (where they normally congregate) you might have a serious infestation.

Termites: Old Northeast cities like Brookline have a lot of older wood structures that are the perfect target for termites. Termites are hard to spot until you have an infestation, and by that point the integrity of your wood structure may be at risk. Termites that attack buildings in Brookline build mud shelter tubes from their colony in the soil to whatever their source of food is, which usually is located in your walls and home. Colonial Pest is experienced in treating termites and uses the Sentricon Termite Colony Extermination System which is the most effective method and also is environmentally friendly so your family and pets do not need to worry.

Winter Moth: A unique concern for the area is the winter moth that has recently been a problem in the Northeast starting around 2003. When they are caterpillars, they are harmful to trees as they will feed on most types of trees and shrubs—but they can be a real pest in apple orchards. An infestation can quickly become out of control, but there are several local organizations working to control the situation.

Bats: The Brookline Department of Public Health has issued a rabies advisory concerning bats. It is extremely important to not handle bats yourself. Call a professional immediately to avoid the risk of infecting yourself, your family, and your pets. While rabies-infested bats must be carefully dealt with and are a serious concern, otherwise healthy bats need to be displaced by a professional as well. When it comes to bats—don’t go DIY.

Mosquitoes: On September 27, 2011, a Brookline individual was confirmed to have West Nile Virus. The Department of Health continues to monitor the area and recommends taking all precautions against mosquitoes. If you notice mosquitoes hanging around your home, be sure to contact a professional and remove any sources of stagnant water. Keep your family protected with bug spray and citronella candles for extra precaution.

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