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Located just five miles from the center of Boston, Brookline, MA frequently is declared as one of the best suburbs in the country. The town combines convenient access to the city with small-town charm and suburban amenities. The area features large historic homes on roomy lots, as well as apartments and condos in cozy neighborhoods full of bustling commerce.

If you want to dine on great food, spend the afternoon in a bookstore, catch a film in an art deco theater, or explore historic sights, you can do all that in Brookline. But there is a dark side to the town; like every other town in America, it too has pests.

History of Brookline, MA

Known as the birthplace and childhood home of John F. Kennedy, Brookline, MA was originally an Algonquian territory until settlers made their homes in this area in the early 1600s. Until 1705, residents called the area Muddy River and considered it to be part of Boston. Over the next few centuries, the town’s borders moved several times, but residents resisted being annexed by Boston proper.

Modern day Brookline features an urban vibe with walkable neighborhoods and lots of transportation options in its northern sections. The southern part of Brookline still features many sprawling properties and lots of green areas. With a population around 60,000 people, Brookline, MA is the biggest municipality in Massachusetts using a town government rather than a city set up, and its home to multiple universities including Newbury College, Pine Manor College, and Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.

Pests in Brookline, MA

The residents of Brookline, MA have to deal with pests on a regular basis. If you see a home or garden pest or if you notice any of the following issues, you need to contact someone about pest control in Brookline, MA:

  • Droppings from mice, rats, or other pests
  • Gnaw marks on food boxes in pantries or in other areas of your home
  • Flying termites
  • Dead termites or other insects on window sills
  • Tunnels in wood
  • Papery or hollow sounding timber
  • Sawdust around newly formed holes in your home’s interior or exterior
  • Rat burrows with loose dirt around the opening
  • Scampering sounds in walls or under floors

Because there are so many different pests in Brookline, the exact signs can vary a lot. Home and business owners in the area may have to deal with a variety of different pests such as carpenter bees or ants, termites, wasps, house mice, rats, and others.

Pest Control

To get rid of pests in Brookline, you can set traps, put out poisons, use sprays, and try other techniques. But at the same time, you also need to figure out how the pests are getting into your home or garden and make efforts to block their entryways.

At Colonial Pest, we have been fighting pests in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for decades. We customize our pest control efforts to address the exact pests that are bothering you and to make sure they don’t come back into your home. Ready to get rid of pests? Then, contact us today for a free estimate.



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