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Brighton, MA is a bustling, diverse, and exciting neighborhood of Boston located on the northwest corner of the city along the Charles River. It is joined to Boston by the Allston neighborhood and is otherwise surrounded by Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, and Watertown. The area is often referred to as “Allston-Brighton,” and is home to families, professionals, and a large student population.

Brighton’s main commercial runs along Washington Street from Brighton Center to Oak Square. The neighborhood, home to almost 43,000 residents, features a mix of single and multi-family homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings, all of which are prone to a wide variety of house pests that require the expertise of a specialized pest control company.

We specialize in controlling house pests common to urban neighborhoods like Brighton MA, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and mice, and many more. Colonial Pest has been helping people all across Massachusetts get rid of pest infestations since 1984, and can defeat even the toughest infestation, including the following:

Bed Bugs – The Allston-Brighton neighborhood has seen a huge surge in bed bugs in the past few years and has the second highest numbers of complaints for the disgusting pest (East Boston has the highest). One of the main reasons for this is the high number of renters in the neighborhood. Eradicating bed bugs in apartment buildings like those found in Brighton can be challenging, since the critters hop from unit to unit. But Colonial Pest Control has you covered! Our bed bug control and extermination program works because our highly-trained technicians take the time to inspect and service your home or apartment thoroughly and completely. We seek out and destroy the bed bug adults, nymphs, and eggs that other companies miss.

Cockroaches – Pest control in Brighton MA almost always involves the cockroach. These annoying pests thrive in warm, humid conditions and are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Unfortunately, cockroaches are more than just an annoyance. They carry disease organisms on their bodies and transfer germs when they wander over garbage and human waste and then contaminate clean surfaces or food in your home. Cockroach droppings and shed skins can also cause asthma or allergies in some people. Studies have shown that cockroaches are the primary cause of childhood asthma in urban neighborhoods like Brighton. If you have a cockroach infestation, we can help. While cockroach problems can be successfully treated with cockroach baits and an insect growth regulator, more serious problems can take a more intensive approach. No matter how serious your cockroach infestation is, we’ll stay with you until we have it resolved.

Rats – These large rodents are a problem in many urban areas, including Brighton. Although they’ve been with us forever, they are never welcome! Rats can carry disease and can cause structural and cosmetic damage, making them one of the worst house pests to have around. If you see rat droppings or even suspect that rats are living in your home, call us today for a free consultation.

Don’t leave pest control in Brighton, MA to just any company. Choose Colonial Pest Control, Boston’s most sought-after pest control company today and we’ll get it right the first time. Call us now at 1-800-525-8084!



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