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Bow, New Hampshire is everything a quiet New England town should be: picturesque, friendly, and home to both summer and winter fun. Bow, like many New Hampshire towns, was founded on an agricultural base, but thanks to the many nearby rivers, was able to expand in its early years to include a saw mill and a grist mill.

Legend has it that Bow got its name from the bend in the Merrimack River, where it’s situated. Bow lays claim to a pair of figures in American history, namely Sergeant John Ordway, a native of Bow who was a member of Lewis & Clark’s expedition, and Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science Church, who was born and raised in Bow.

Some less-than-famous and certainly unwelcome natives of Bow are its pests. Common pests in Bow include mosquitoes, wasps, and mice.

Mosquitoes are considered the number one killer of humans in the world because of the diseases they can carry. While we’re fortunate enough in America to generally not worry about serious diseases like Malaria and West Nile virus, mosquitoes are still bad news for your family.

Wasps and bees also love to live around the river areas and will quickly make a home in or around your home. If you have a wasp infestation, this is not the time to try your hand at DIY removal. One wrong move can be life threatening, so it’s crucial to call Colonial Pest Control as soon as you notice the problem.

Mice are one of the largest pest problems in the area. They like to hunker down in your attics, basements, food storage areas, and in wood piles in the yard. While they can cause quite a bit of physical damage to your home, their feces can contaminate your food, water, and even the air you breathe, which makes them a health hazard to your family.

If you live in Bow and any of these pests are plaguing you, it’s time to call in the pest control experts at Colonial Pest. Give us a call today at 1-800-525-8084.



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