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Boscawen may be a relatively small New Hampshire town, but it’s certainly big when it comes to history. Boscawen was the temporary home to Hannah Duston; there’s a statue of her there, the first statue of a woman in America. During King William’s War, the first colonial war fought between New England and New France (with various Native American tribes drawn into the battles), Hannah and her newborn child were captured in their Haverhill, Massachusetts, home by a group of Abenaki Indians. They were marched north and held captive on an island in Boscawen.

After six weeks, Hannah led her fellow captors in a revolt. They killed and scalped the natives who were holding them hostage and escaped back to Massachusetts in a canoe. In subsequent years, America came to see Hannah as an archetype of a woman whose violence against “the savages” was both defensive and innocent.

Things are a bit calmer these days in Boscawen, except where pests are concerned.

Boscawen is completely contained within the Merrimack River watershed. And it’s no secret that wherever it’s damp, there are bound to be pests. Do you know which pests really like dampness? Carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants can wreak havoc on your property, and if you don’t take care of them in a timely manner, they can do some major structural damage. They’re not just pesky, they’re dangerous.

Fortunately, at Colonial Pest Control we know just how to handle these little buggers. Did you know that only about 20% of carpenter ants ever leave the nest? That means the other 80% are still there in the colony, so total elimination of the problem depends on finding and eliminating the colony. Our technicians are trained to seek out the nests, which are generally found in walls and ceilings where dampness exists. We use the Microgen Micro-injector to help us locate, flush, and kill the colony.

We offer a warrantee on all of our carpenter ant control work. In addition to one-time initial clean-outs, we offer ongoing preventive maintenance programs to keep carpenter ants from returning and destroying the value of your home.

Sound good? Ready to go all Hannah Duston on those carpenter ants? Then call Colonial Pest at 1-800-525-8084 today!



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