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Just eight miles from Boston, Belmont tends to attract artists, writers, educators, and many different professionals who work in Cambridge or Boston. The town features beautiful houses that truly feel like home, the bustling areas of Belmont Center and Cushing Square, and lots of green spaces.

The History of Belmont, MA

Located in Middlesex County, Belmont is a western suburb of Boston, but its quaint city center lends the community a small-town feel. Now home to just over 25,000 residents, Belmont was established in 1859 and named after the Belmont Estate, which contributed much of its land to the young town.

Originally, community members formed Belmont because they wanted a town where alcohol was not allowed to be sold. As trolley service and better roads linking the area to Boston became available in the 1920s, the town nearly doubled in size. At that point, the town switched from an agrarian economy to a commercial greenhouse base, and in fact, most of the flowers and vegetables bought by Bostonians came from Belmont. As time went on, the area became a commuter suburb, and its anti-alcohol stance faded into history.

Pests in Belmont, MA

Through the town’s vibrant history and evolution, pests in Belmont have persisted. In the early days, farmers worried about voles, field mice, and other rodents. As residential neighborhoods became more popular, residents started dealing with house pests such as mice, termites, ants, and others.

Pest Control in Belmont, MA

If you need pest control or extermination services in Belmont, MA, you deserve a company that understands the area and knows which pests are the most troublesome. You also need a pest control specialist who can provide quality, trustworthy services to your home or commercial facility.

At Colonial Pest Control, we help our clients get rid of troublesome pests. Below is a partial list of the pests we target:

When you have pests, you can try to get rid of them on your own, but unfortunately, many home remedies for pest removal are not that effective. As a result, when you try to eliminate the mice, termites, ants, or other pests, they continue to breed, simultaneously causing more destruction to your property and making their population even harder to control.

Our pest control experts take a multi-pronged approach to rid your home or business of pests. We can also do preemptive work to make sure you don’t get hit by an infestation. To learn more or to set up our services, contact us today. At Colonial Pest Control, Inc. we have over 30 years of experience, and we back up our work with a 100% guarantee.



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