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Originally incorporated in 1719, Bellingham has been a township since before the founding of the United States. Over the years it has grown, especially since the completion of 495 in 1982, and now has a population of roughly 16,300 citizens living in just under 6,500 homes. It boasts a population density of more than 800 people per square mile, which means the homes in the town are built in very close proximity to one another. Beyond reducing the amount of privacy each person receives, having so many homes close together means that pests can transfer from building to building with relative ease. If you, or your neighbors, have identified any nuisance wildlife or signs of an insect infestation it is important to call a pest control service to make sure your home is pest free.

Of the homes in Bellingham more than 55% of them were built before 1970. These buildings are more susceptible to infestations by mice, termites, and carpenter ants as well as other critters that thrive in homes making use of untreated wooden construction materials. Since 1970 various treatments have been available to protect wood from rot and infestation. Early treatments made use of arsenic but they were banned in the early 2000s and are no longer available. Alternate wood treatments have replaced the arsenic-based ones as well as composite materials that are made of plastic and saw dust, which look and feel like wood. Nevertheless, newer homes are still vulnerable to infestations as their materials degrade over the years through exposure to weather, accidents, and renovations that may open up spaces too small for the residents to notice. These holes and spaces are perfect entry points for nuisance wildlife and invasive species.

Whether there are signs of infestation in your home or reports of them in the neighborhood, it is important to have your home checked by a state-certified exterminator. Colonial Pest has been working in the Greater Boston area since 1984 and their experience is reflected in their 100% Guarantee. Call 1-800-525-8084 today for your free estimate.



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