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Atkinson, once home to Boston lead singer Brad Delp, is a town of about 7,000 nestled in the Merrimack Valley along the Massachusetts border.

As we all know, proximity to water means proximity to pests, and Atkinson’s presence in the Merrimack River watershed means that it’s host to all sorts of pests, most notably mosquitoes.

What’s the connection between water and mosquitoes? Still water is where mosquitoes breed, and they don’t need a lot of it. Unused bird baths, little-used wading pools, even leftover party cup with a bit of rainwater are all these pests need. And mosquitoes reach adulthood in a matter of days, so it certainly doesn’t take long for them to reach pestering maturity.

Mosquitoes are not stingers like bees and wasps; in fact, they have more in common with bats and rodents because the real danger from them is disease. Their diet consists of mammal blood and they’re not too discriminating where it comes from, so mosquitoes can carry West Nile virus, malaria, and yellow fever and transmit it to you in a single bite. That’s why, if you’ve got a real mosquito problem in Atkinson, you should call in the experts at Colonial Pest Control, at 1-800-525-8084. We can give you tips and tricks to avoid these pests, and advise you on what’s effective and what’s not. Give us a call today!



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