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Alton, New Hampshire’s claim to fame is the corkscrew. The Rockwell Clough Company, founded by inventor William Rockwell Clough, set up shop in Alton, and by the beginning of the 20th century, was producing 30 million corkscrews worldwide.


Serving Belknap County since 1984

bees, or flies, or creepy crawlies like cockroaches, silverfish, or firebrats, there’s no end to the annoyances that can make their way into a home in Alton. If that happens, don’t try and deal with them yourself –the experts at Colonial Pest Control are ready to come in and take charge!

We have experience with pests throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts, so we know what we’re doing. If your problem is rodents, we’ll get them out of your home and fill in any gaps they’ve found (or ones they’ve made). If it’s bugs, we’ll exterminate them and clear out any of their hiding spaces. Bats present a unique challenge – it’s actually illegal to kill them. That’s why Colonial Pest has six highly trained and experienced wildlife removal experts on staff to handle bats.

Colonial Pest Control can handle all of your pest-related needs. If you’re in Alton and in need of our assistance, give us a call at 1-800-525-8084!

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