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Neighboring nearby Boston, the city of Allston is home to many college students and recent graduates. This unique demographic means that Allston could be said to have more than its fair share of brick apartment buildings and triple deckers, in addition to the Victorian single family homes found in lower Allston.

Overall, residents in every demographic represented get all the perks of Boston without having to pay the higher prices or cope with the traffic, but there is a downside to Allston life… the ubiquity of short-term tenant housing and entertainment can attract unwanted pests.

With thousands of college students in and out of sublet apartments and graduates moving around each year, pests like bedbugs, mice, and cockroaches thrive. Shared spaces and secondhand furniture compound the problem, since bedbugs and other pests are easily spread from unit to unit when discarded furniture is scavenged. As for the mice and roaches, these are found in almost every older building, but consider that Allston also has numerous restaurants and bars – both of which can attract these particular pests.

Allston residents – and people considering moving to this otherwise dynamic and creative part of Massachusetts – should be aware of how to prevent a bedbug infestation before it happens. For instance, be wary of cheap or free used furniture and always buy mattresses new. Check couches and other upholstered furniture thoroughly before bringing it into your home. Mice and cockroaches are more difficult to prevent even if you’re renting above a restaurant, but keeping your own space very clean can help keep your neighbor’s pests from moving in.

Once an infestation occurs, though, it’s time to call in the pros. Colonial Pest serves the 30,000 residents of Allston, Massachusetts, and can address almost any type of pest infestation – including bedbugs, mice, and roaches. Call us at 1-800-525-8084 right now!



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