Worker Carpenter Ant

The Carpenter Ant holds the distinction of being the number one household pest in the Northeast. They get their name from their nesting habits which include excavating smooth galleries in moist wood. These galleries can be so smooth, the wood looks like it has been sandpapered. Though they don’t eat the wood like termites, they can still cause considerable damage if left untreated. Carpenter Ants are polymorphic, meaning that they can vary greatly in size – from 1/4 inch to more than 5/8-inch in length. Indications of a Carpenter Ant nest include: sawdust piles, sightings of Worker Carpenter Ants on a regular basis, and/or a “crinkling cellophane” noise coming from behind a wall or ceiling. The number one contributing factor for a Carpenter Ant infestation is the presence of moisture. Prime nesting spots include attached decks, leaky roofs, under insulation in cellars and attics or where additions attach to the home. Our approach to Carpenter Ant removal has always been to find and eradicate the nest. We accomplish this through experience and with the help of the Microgen Microinjector. a device that enables us to flush out ant colonies by applying an ultra fine fog insecticide into cracks and crevices in suspected wall and ceiling voids. For more information on our Carpenter Ant removal methods, our Preventative Maintenance Program, or to schedule a Worker Carpenter Ant extermination, call us at 1-800-525-8084.



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