Winged Carpenter Ant

Usually during the first hot spell in late spring, the Winged Carpenter Ant will emerge from the colony. Their singular mission is to establish a new colony (hopefully somewhere other than in your home!). They are often mistaken for the Winged Termite, which also serves the same mission and emerges around the same time. So, how can you be sure you need Winged Carpenter ant removal? By observing the insect: the Winged Carpenter Ant is considerably larger, has three distinct body segments, and has wings that are a translucent brown and extend only slightly past the body. In comparison, the wings of the Winged Termite are longer than the body and break off shortly after they emerge. In other words, if you see a small pile of wings on the floor that¹s a sure sign of Winged Termites, not Winged Carpenter Ants. If you observe any Winged Carpenter Ants in or around your home, it may be an indication that a nest exists either in your home or possibly in a nearby tree. Colonial Pest Control specializes in finding and eliminating Carpenter Ant nests no matter where they are located. Call us today at 1-800-525-8084 for details on Winged Carpenter Ant extermination or to schedule an on-site inspection.



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