Webbing Clothes Moth

Clothes moths (family Tineidae, adult shown here) and carpet beetles don’t look alike and they’re not even remotely related, but they both can do something unique. Each is capable of digesting a special protein called keratin, which is found in wool, hair, and feathers. Fabric pests will attack all sorts of items made of these materials including upholstery, oriental rugs, fur coats, and even mounted animal trophies. Although the adult stages are usually noticed first, they do no actual damage. All fabric damage is caused by the larval stage only (clothes moth larvae are 1/2in. long, and cream colored with brown head capsules) and is often worsened if the garment (or rug) is soiled with food, pet stains, etc. Our trained technicians will perform a proper identification, inspection, and treatment of affected areas as well as offer expert advice on how to prevent future infestations. Contact us @ 1-800-525-8084



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