Sowbugs are cousins to the insects in the greater arthropod world. They are in fact more closely related to shrimp, crabs, etc., but are uniquely adapted to living on land. Sowbugs are similar in appearance and lifestyle to pillbugs (1/4 to 1/2 inch long, gray, oval shaped segmented bodies, each prefer damp conditions and feed upon organic debris). So, how can you tell if you have pillbugs or sowbugs? Check out those uropods! (Just kidding.) These special appendages on the last body segment are rounded on the pillbug and pointed on the sowbug. Because of this, pillbugs can roll up into a ball but sowbugs cannot. Populations can become very large under certain conditions and may require habitat modification as well as chemical treatments to achieve effective sowbug extermination. Contact us at 1-800-525-8084 for inspection and treatment.



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