Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh ants, like most of our pest cockroaches are native to Africa. Now they are found throughout the world and in various regions of the United States and Canada. They are pests in homes, (especially apartment buildings) health care facilities, and food handling establishments. Worker ants are very small, (1/16-inch) yellow to reddish in color, and equal in size. Pharaoh ants have a winged reproductive caste but swarming is rarely seen and mating takes place within the colony. New colonies are established by a process known as budding where a single queen and small groups of workers migrate to new locations (often in response to insecticide applications or other adverse conditions). In the home, these ants will nest in wall voids, behind baseboard heating, and in unusual places like electrical outlets and small appliances. Pharaoh ants are highly attracted to any water source within the home.

Pharaoh ant removal can be a tricky business. These ants are extremely sensitive to traditional insecticide treatments and will respond by splitting colonies and invading other sites. We at Colonial Pest Control avoid this situation by thorough inspection and treatment using effective baits. Call us @ 1-800-525-8084 for fast pharaoh ant extermination.



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