Larder Beetle

The larder beetle (Dermestes lardarius) is a member of a family commonly known as carpet beetles. Several species within this family (Dermestidae) are pests of fabrics but many are general feeders and thrive on a wide variety of plant and animal materials. The larder beetle and other dermestids will feed on cereals, pet foods, cured meats, cheese, animal carcasses, (incl. museum displays) and insect collections. (I can personally attest to the havoc they inflict on insect displays.) Adult larder beetles are about 3/8in. long, oval, black, with a wide band of yellow/white scales and three black spots. Full-grown larvae are 1/2in. long, brown, hairy, with long tail bristles. Mature larvae are active and migrate away from their food source to pupate. The first step for controlling larder beetles is to identify and eliminate the food source. Contact us @ 1-800-525-8084 for inspection and control of larder beetles.



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