Granary Weevil

The granary weevil is one of a large group of insects that infest stored raw and processed food. Up to 10% of the world’s food supply is destroyed by stored product pests each year. Granary and rice weevils attack unprocessed whole grain completing their entire life cycle (egg, larva, and pupa) within the kernel. Infestations are not easy to detect until adult weevils emerge. The larval stage for each species (though not usually seen) is creamy white, legless, with a dark head capsule. Adult granary weevils are similar in appearance and size to the rice weevil but are shiny and lack the yellowish markings on the wings. Another difference between the two species is that the granary weevil is unable to fly. Granary weevils are primarily pests in grain silos, cereal mills, and are not commonly found in the home.



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