Clover Mite

Clover mites are plant-feeding lawn pests that occasionally become household pests when they migrate inside. Clover mites can build up to high numbers in lush, well maintained lawns. New lawns that have been heavily fertilized have the largest clover mite populations. After the lawn becomes well established, clover mite problems usually subside. Clover mite indoor migrations are triggered by a change in the outside environment or when mite populations get too large (which often happens in new lawns).

Clover mites are only about the size of the period at the end of this sentence so they can find their way through virtually any opening to get inside. The mites are most often noticed when large numbers are seen crawling on light-colored surfaces. They can be found on windowsills, around doors, and on south-facing, light-colored walls, both indoors and out. Clover mites don’t suck blood (despite the reddish color), and don’t feed on indoor plants. They can leave a red stain if crushed and should be vacuumed up with a soft brush. A fall preventive perimeter treatment can keep the mites from entering your home. Changes in foundation landscaping can also help. Call Colonial for help with clover mite removal.



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