Blue Bottle Fly

Blue bottle flies are similar in overall appearance to the common housefly but they are larger with a metallic blue/green sheen. These flies breed on animal carcasses, waste meat products and to a lesser degree, decaying plant material. The lifestyle of these flies gives them ample opportunity to pick up and transmit disease causing organisms like dysentery, cholera, hookworm, just to name a few. Good sanitary practices are the first step towards eliminating blue bottle flies. A closely related fly that is not associated with filth (it is actually parasitic upon earthworms) is the Cluster fly. This large dull bluish gray fly will invade homes and buildings during the fall. If you have had trouble with cluster flies, please contact us @ 1-800-525-8084. Late summer is the ideal time to apply a preventative treatment to your home or place of business.



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