By Zachary Ciras on April 30, 2020.

Uh, oh! It’s termite swarming season and you think you just saw flying termites on the back deck! What now? Do you dare to call an exterminator during these pandemic times? Will you end up with technicians in your house? Are pest control companies even still in business? 

First, take a deep breath…Now in most states, pest control companies are considered “essential businesses” and are still doing their work but with extra precautions and safety measures to follow federal and state guidelines. Companies are limiting interior treatments and emphasizing exterior protective treatments instead. Fortunately, that approach works well for termite control. At Colonial Pest, we have outlined the changes in our operations to keep customers and technicians safe – see Colonial Pest Control’s COVID-19 Response.


Second, you may or may not have swarming termites. They could instead be swarming ants. A pest management professional can tell the difference and may recommend exterior treatments in either case. The good news is that, in almost all cases, termite control when needed can be done on the exterior of your home. So, no need for us to enter your home to treat and all customer interaction and paperwork can be done remotely.

Worker termites and Soldier termites working on feeding on wood. Shutterstock.

Even better, the termite control measures that Colonial Pest has used for many years do not even involve extensive work on the exterior of your home. We utilize a specialized termite baiting system, the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. We install barely noticeable bait stations in the ground around the perimeter of your home.


No trenching or digging in your foundation plantings, no liquid pesticide injections, no chemical odors, and kids and pets can play outside immediately after. To be clear, termite bait stations do contain pesticide, but it’s a pesticide that is of low toxicity to people and pets and it’s delivered in a contained, more user-friendly and environmentally-friendly way (see How Do Termite Bait Stations Work?).

The bait stations also act somewhat like termite monitors to gauge termite activity. These in-ground bait stations contain a cellulose material that mimics wood and is impregnated with a toxic bait. Termites are affected by the pesticide only when they discover and eat the bait or carry it back to the colony. Our technicians install and periodically service the stations, all without any interaction with the customer.



  1. Termite bait stations are environmentally-friendly. They use very little pesticide, and the pesticide is incorporated into the wood inside the station, so there is no pesticide in the soil or air. Other insects or animals can’t reach the treated wood inside its plastic tube. Your children can’t reach it either since the stations have child-resistant tops.
  2. There is no mess or fuss inside your home and no trenching around the foundation. We don’t drill holes in your floors or dig up your rose bushes. The bait stations are placed inconspicuously in the ground around your home’s perimeter. Only the tops are visible and these can even be concealed with mulch.
  3. Social distancing is a given. You don’t even have to be home for our service visits. The termite bait stations are installed in your yard and serviced twice a year by our trained technicians. At that time, any bait that has been consumed by termites is replaced.
  4. Bait stations provide you with a permanent, ongoing termite monitoring program…and peace of mind. The bait stations are always there, ready to intercept termites before they reach your home. Give Colonial a call today and let our termite specialists introduce you to the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. See how simple permanent termite control can be.

Termites are one thing, but if you’re concerned about controlling other pests this coming summer and also concerned about your family’s health and safety, give Colonial Pest a call and ask us about our Preventative Maintenance Program that automatically provides semi-annual exterior treatments around your home’s perimeter to block outside bugs from getting inside. We want to help you get through this pandemic summer without the extra stress of having to deal with pest problems as well.



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