Colonial Pest Control’s COVID-19 Response

By Zachary Ciras on March 23, 2020.

Update: The State of Massachusetts has just reaffirmed that Pest Control is an essential service and will be excluded from the Stay-At-Home order issued on 3/23/2020

Pest Control and Public Health

Colonial Pest Control, Inc. has always been committed to serving in our role to protect the public health. Pest control (pestilence control) is an essential service which has been integral in food safety, public health, sanitation, aiding in essential operations, and the protection of property. During the current critical period, we are committing ourselves to take actions to prioritize the health of you, our customers, and our Colonial Team of employees. We have instituted a series of changes in how we will interact with each other, the public, and our work during this vital time.


  • Upon arrival, our technicians will notify you via text, email, or telephone call. We will no longer ring your doorbell.
  • We will email all of our paperwork to you. We will no longer leave paperwork on your door.
  • We will complete the exterior service to prevent issues from occurring inside.
  • Should any issues persist inside, we will make the determination on what necessary actions may need to be taken
  • Should interior work be required, our technicians will act in an abundance off caution to ensure the safety of yourselves and themselves


  • Our employees have been instructed to follow the CDC guidelines to protect themselves and others from infection
  • Our technicians will practice social distancing, hand washing, glove wearing, and other preventive measures
  • We may ask if anyone in the home has developed signs of potential infection, and we will determine the proper actions we will take
  • Our technicians have been instructed to stay at home if they develop any signs of possible infection, such as a fever, cough, or shortness of breath
  • We will be suspending interior treatments unless deemed necessary to protect our employees and customers


We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience in this unprecedented time. We take our mission of public health very seriously, and will continue to work to protect the health of our customers, our employees, and the general public as we can.



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