Carpenter Ants are industrious!

By Chris Williams on February 22, 2019.

March is right around the corner and I can’t help but wonder if we’ll get slammed with snow storms like we did last year. Or, maybe we’ll get a break this time and have an early spring like the famous ground hog predicted this year.  As per usual, I’ll have plenty of projects to do around my place this spring.   Industrious carpenter ants may have some designs on their own springtime ‘projects’ involving your home. They may include the following scenarios.

  • Expanding their colony involving the sills and floor joists of your basement or crawl space
  • Invading the wall void behind the dishwasher
  • Destroying the ledger board and/or sill where your deck attaches to the house
  • Invade a damp window sill
  • Invade the attic and set up a colony between the rafters
  • Destroy the rails on your privacy fence
  • Destroy corner trim

Water damage and Carpenter Ants conspired to do significant damage to this home’s basement level sills. Z. Ciras

As a homeowner for over twenty years now I’ve experienced some handiwork by these destructive ants. If there is any upside to the presence of these ants in and around a structure, it’s that they’re telling you that some maintenance needs to be done on your home. Weather and the elements take their toll on a home’s exterior. After the snow finally fades away into the ground, take a walk around your home and look for areas that need to be repaired. I know I’ve got some and I’ll bet my trusty friends are already exploiting these deficiencies.  Pest prevention is always a better way to go than procrastination which may result in a worse situation down the road. Our semi-annual service is very effective at keeping carpenter ants under control.

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