By Chris Williams on February 13, 2019.

Are you one of those people who believes that the answer to all indoor pest problems is a good bug bomb, or two, or six? In the pest control business, we call them total release foggers (TRFs) and we’ve blogged before on the fact that they really do not work very well.


These cans of insecticide fog seem like they should work, they look pretty impressive in action. But, it’s all show! Bug bombs will kill some insects that are out in the open and get a good dose, but the bombs don’t do a good job of penetrating into insects’ hiding places: in cracks and crevices, inside cabinets, and underneath countertops. Insects that spend most of their time hiding, such as cockroaches and bed bugs, are practically immune to the effects of bug bombs. Those not already in hiding are repelled by the aerosol insecticide and head for the nearest crevice.

For decades now, baits, and particularly gel baits, have been the cockroach control product of choice. There are so many advantages to the use of baits that it’s surprising that people still reach for bug bombs. It must be that they are looking for a more immediate effect, little roach bodies lying there twitching, or maybe it’s just what they’re used to and they don’t even know that there’s a better way.


German cockroaches. Shutterstock.

There’s been another study from North Carolina State University in which bug bombs “failed to reduce cockroach populations.” The study, headed by Zachary C. DeVries, released four different brands of bug bombs in the kitchens of 20 cockroach-infested homes (5 each). Ten additional homes were treated with two different brands of gel bait. The study found that while all of the bug bomb brands failed to control cockroaches, “similarly priced gel baits caused significant declines in the cockroach populations.”

Besides failing to control German cockroaches, the bug bombs left considerable pesticide deposits on surfaces throughout the test kitchens. Not surprising, since the bombs are designed to fill a room with fine particles of aerosol insecticide. All that insecticide in the air is not good for the young, the elderly, the sick, the asthmatic, or really anyone. In comparison, cockroach baits are contained, not airborne, and are placed in hidden areas and in cracks and crevices that cockroaches frequent.

Need more reasons to abandon bug bombs? They are notorious fire hazards, exploding near pilot lights or other flames. There’s just no good reason to purchase multiple cans of total release foggers for use in your home when you can purchase cockroach gel bait instead for maybe just a little bit more. You don’t have to prep for bait application or leave your home during the process.

For the most effective baiting program, have a professional pest control company do the baiting. At Colonial Pest, our technicians know the best places to apply the bait where cockroaches will find it, but where it’s safely hidden and out of your way. Our work is guaranteed. We will monitor and reapply bait until cockroaches in your home are just a memory! If you have cockroaches, call us today and ask about our cockroach baiting programs.



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