By Chris Williams on June 27, 2018.

We live in an old home that seems to always have some kind of pest problem. Last year we had a pest control company out three or four different times, for millipedes getting into the basement, then ants that were coming in from outside, and some kind of bug that was climbing the outside walls in the fall. Is there any kind of pesticide that can be applied one time to kill all of these things?

O. V., New Castle, NH

Millipedes. Shutterstock.

There might be a single product that would kill all of the pests you mention but the problem is timing and application site. A pesticide applied to control springtime-invading pests like millipedes may not remain very effective when you need it to kill pests that appear months later in the fall.

It’s a fact that virtually all of the pests that end up inside your home originated on the outside of your home. Some pests will enter around the foundation while others get inside from the roof, so treatments need to take that into consideration. We figure if we can stop those outside invaders before they get in and disperse throughout your home, we’ve made pest management a lot easier for everyone.

We have an answer to your problem that has been working well for more than 8,000 of our residential customers. We offer a reasonably-priced Preventative Maintenance Program that provides you with seasonal control of pests year round, and you don’t even have to call us for service. We know when certain pests are going to make an appearance in your area of Massachusetts or New Hampshire and we schedule our exterior service visits to make sure that your home has protection in advance.


We’re not going to bother you by showing up every month – we have a better way. Once you’re part of our program, you will receive two scheduled service visits per year. During each visit, a state-certified  technician will apply a preventative barrier treatment around the outside of your home: around the foundation and typical pest entry points. You don’t have to schedule the visit and you don’t even need to be home since the work is all done outside. Because our pest prevention program concentrates on stopping the pests on the outside before they can get into your home, you and your family are not subjected to pesticides, odor, mess, or inconvenience.

Two targeted outside applications each year save you time and money compared to the monthly service visits offered by some pest control companies. The products we use are designed to provide a continuous protective barrier that lasts for an extended time, until it’s time for us to make your second semi-annual application.


Another thing our customers really like is that Program participants also receive free unlimited call-backs for a wide range of pests. If our Preventative Maintenance Program fails to keep pests out of your home, we’ll be back, no additional charge, and we guarantee to eliminate the pests. What have you got to lose? No more paying for each pest problem as it occurs, and no more paying for follow-up visits. Call Colonial Pest today and ask to join the many others who enjoy our hassle-free Preventative Maintenance Program!



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