By Chris Williams on January 5, 2018.

Will mice feed on pet food? I have a bag of dry dog food just outside the kitchen door but in the garage. Yesterday I noticed some black things that look like mouse poop near the bag and also in the bag! Would mice do that? What does their poop look like? T. W., Bow, NH

Of course mice would do that. Pet food is one of their favorite things and, in your case, available without even having to get into the house (see Do Mice Eat Dry Pet Food?). Besides feeding on pet food, mice will carry it away and hoard it for later in hidden places such as wall voids, behind kick plates, in lower cabinets, etc. This hoarded food can result in new pest problems as food beetles, moths, or mites find and infest it.

One bit of good news is that mice usually stay pretty close to a reliable food source, generally within 30 feet in any direction, and often much closer. That can mean within 30 feet above (in the attic) or within 30 feet below (in a basement or crawlspace), as well as 30 feet laterally.


While droppings (poop) in the food source sounds pretty gross, it’s nothing new for mice. They often poop right in or near their food. Since they deposit close to 70 droppings a day, you’ll find them in many places along their travel routes. That might be a good thing since piles of droppings are usually the first clue that there is a mouse infestation nearby.

Mouse droppings are about ¼-inch long. They are about the size and shape of a grain of rice, except they are dark brown to black and more or less pointed at each end. Fresh droppings are shiny black with a putty-like consistency. Older droppings are usually lighter in color and crumbly. See All About Mouse Poop! for more than you want to know.


You probably know what you need to do next, besides discarding that contaminated bag of dog food. Contact Colonial and we’ll have one of our experts inspect your garage and home for signs that mice have moved inside. Garages are often a staging area for mice before they move into wall voids, attics, or other areas (see Why Your Garage Makes a Nice Home for Mice!).

If we can eliminate mice in your garage early on, and can mouse-proof your garage door and other openings, we can prevent a full-blown mouse infestation in your home. Guaranteed! Call Colonial Pest!



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