By Chris Williams on December 1, 2017.

1. Mice hoard food. Mice collect bits of food: crumbs, pet food, birdseed, etc. and stash it away in hidden areas such as in a wall void or lower cabinet. This hoard can smell and can attract food moths and beetles.

2. Mice poop and pee. It would almost be okay if mice did their business in one place but they have the bad habit of pooping and peeing wherever they happen to be at the time. A mouse dribbles urine as it moves along and can leave up to 70 droppings a day in various places. In some situations, breathing air from heavy mouse infestations can be hazardous to your health.

3. Mice have messy nests. Mice build loose nests of whatever soft materials they can find: facial tissue, bits of rag, string, dental floss, furniture stuffing, etc. Female mice sometimes damage fabrics when they chew them to make nest material. Nests are found in hidden places and can contain hoarded food, droppings, and baby mice.

4. Mice gnaw a lot. Chewed areas under doors, around pipes or vents, and in other sites show where mice have enlarged or created openings. Mice chew into food packages and damage soft items for nest material.

5. Mice have parasites. Like other animals, mice have their own fleas, mites, and ticks that live on the mouse or in its nest. If a mouse dies or is removed, those parasites may briefly wander and get onto people or pets. Deer mice, especially, can carry blacklegged ticks inside, theoretically exposing residents and pets to the risk of Lyme disease.

6. Mice die and smell. Mice live in hidden areas such as wall voids and attics and that’s also where they are likely to die, whether from poisons or natural causes. When that happens, you can expect to live with a bad smell for a few days. Sometimes flies and other pests that feed on carcasses will make an appearance.

7. Mice can cause asthma. Living with mice can contribute to allergies and asthma, especially in children. Mouse allergens are found in mouse urine, poop, and dander and inhaling airborne allergens can cause serious reactions in sensitive people.

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