By Chris Williams on November 24, 2017.

When you discover that you have a pest problem in or around your home, the first question is whether you can handle it yourself or whether you need professional help. Here are a few things to consider:

DIY? DEPENDS ON THE PEST – Some household pests and their control are familiar to almost everyone. Cockroaches and ants are examples. But just because you can buy an over-the-counter insecticide spray for cockroaches or ants doesn’t mean that this is the best control method. For example, did you know that specialized baits are the preferred control for both of these pests, not insecticide sprays? Would you know where to place the baits for best results?

While you might be able to provide some level of control for cockroaches or ants, what if you have a bed bug problem? Did you ever try to find bed bug eggs in a bedroom? Bed bugs are one pest that everyone agrees requires a professional’s knowledge (see Please Don’t Try to Treat Bed Bugs By Yourself). What if your pest is an opossum in your chimney? Would you know what to do? Do you know if it’s even legal to remove that possum? What if you’re not even sure what the pest is? You could waste time and money with little result.

DIY? DEPENDS ON THE EXTENT OF THE PROBLEM – Whether or not you tackle a pest problem should depend on how extensive the problem is. Is the pest spread throughout much of your house or is it limited to a single kitchen cabinet? Are you sure?

How long has the pest problem been going on? The extent of the damage might answer this question. If you find pest damage in more than one place, you’re definitely going to want to hire a professional.

DIY? DEPENDS ON CONTROL MEASURES NEEDED – Is the standard control procedure for this pest straightforward and does it involve easily available control tools or products? Or, is this a unique situation that will require specialized equipment or products, not to mention special knowledge? Do you have the proper safety equipment for the job you’re undertaking?

While cockroaches might be doable because you can purchase cockroach control products in most stores, what if you have a problem with wood-boring beetles in an antique dresser or a yellowjacket nest inside a bedroom wall? Where do you even start? What do you buy?

DIY? DEPENDS ON YOUR TIME – Many of our major household pests require repeat, follow-up treatments. Even pest control professionals often must make return visits to make sure the job is done, especially for persistent pests such as bed bugs. Will you know when your pest has been controlled? Are there eggs that will hatch out later? How much time and money do you want to spend on this pest?

BOTTOM LINE: There are many reasons why the best approach is to hire a professional. But maybe the best reason is that you don’t have to worry about it again. And you don’t have to worry about it being done right. At Colonial Pest, we have the knowledge, equipment, and perseverance to handle any pest problem. We guarantee our work and we keep coming back until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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