Advantages of Termite Baiting

By Chris Williams on May 11, 2017.

There are many advantages in using baits to control termites.  Products such as the Sentricon Colony Elimination System are effective while being safe for the environment.  Recruit HD, the bait product used the Sentricon system, is highly desirable, highly dense, and highly durable.  These three characteristics make the Sentricon Colony Elimination System the number one choice for termite control.  We will discuss the features in relation to termite behavior and how the system actually works.  The Sentricon Colony Elimination System was designed as an alternative to traditional chemical treatments.

Before the advent of bait technology, various chemicals were injected into the soil within and adjacent to the structures in treatment.  The goal was to create a barrier between the structure and the termite colony, repelling or killing workers that ventured into the chemical.  Many chemical compounds have been used in termite control.  Chlordane, Dursban, and Permethrin were some common tools for the drill and treat methods of the past.   For the most part, if the work was done correctly, this method seemed to work, and it was all we had as technicians.  Drawbacks to chemical treatment are many:  incomplete barriers due to construction (pipes in slabs, etc.), chemical movement or degradation over time (see contamination of wells), miss-application issues (improper mixing or volumes), equipment failure and spill (clean up costs/maintenance costs), re-application costs (this method had a high call back rate, which  leads to customer dissatisfaction).  The final set back with liquid treatments is that once in place it is difficult if not impossible to remove the chemical treatment once it is in place.   There have been many incidences of miss-application involving liquid treatments that resulted in injury.

Bait treatments were called revolutionary in the 1990’s.  At once, a hit with pest control companies, including Colonial Pest Control.  Bait treatments were first delivered by DowAgrosciences in the form of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System.  Sentricon was the first truly functional bait system for professional in the field.  High levels of independent testing and testing in the field assured that the method not only worked, but also worked very well.  Through years of testing and development, the Sentricon Colony Elimination System remains at the forefront of termite baiting technology.  Sentricon is safe and effective, low in cost, and easy to maintain.  Service is non-intrusive and discreet.

  • Baiting utilizes the natural feeding behavior of subterranean termites. Termite colonies live in the soil and only eat wood or materials that contain cellulose.  As colonies grow, more workers are produced and the termite colony can expand the search for food.  Any wood material may be suitable: bark mulch, timbers, stumps, etc. will serve the colony well.  Termites are always on the look out for new food sources.  Cracks in foundations and other wood to soil contact may allow termites to locate a structure.  Termites are quite persistent.  Unless the feeding is discovered and stopped, damage will continue to spread.  Because termites are relentless in their search for food, bait systems like the Sentricon Colony Elimination System are ideal. The bait devices are placed in child and pet resistant stations (I call them restaurants) at intervals around the structure.  Flush at soil level, the stations are not obtrusive and remain out of the way.  Each station contains a 50.0 gm bait device that resembles a piece of plastic.  The bait, Noviflumuron is non-toxic to children and pets. Noviflumuron is an insect growth regulator working on the formation of termites’ skin, teeth, and organs. As termites feed on the bait, they pick up the chitin synthesis inhibitor killing all the workers.  The termite colony quickly starves to death.  Each Sentricon station holds enough bait to kill a typical termite colony.  Because stations are placed around the entire structure, ample bait is available for even the largest termite colony.  Baits are replaced as needed during service ensuring a continuous offering for hungry termites.  Each bait is very dense and becomes more favorable to the termites over time.  Termites have been shown to ignore other food sources in favor of Recruit HD termite bait.  Over time, the Recruit HD baits retain the active ingredient.  Technicians inspect each bait at service intervals.  Feeding or Colony Elimination is documented.  The Sentricon Colony Elimination System is ideal for long-term termite management in all settings.  Not only is it non-toxic, but the Sentricon Colony Elimination System can easily be removed or re-installed if needed.  Termite management programs must always include a full look at the situation, regardless of the treatment method in use.  Here is a list of specific things I have put together to aid our termite clients, and anyone who wishes to discourage termites from living near their home.   This is just a basic list of actions that can be taken by homeowners.  Remove food sources such as bark mulch, wood chips, stumps, wood ties, woodpiles, scraps, tree limbs, roots, wood planters, etc.  Encourage neighbors to do the same and create a Termite Food Free Zone!
  • Store wood items up off the soil (firewood, scraps, lumber, and hot tubs.).
  • Remove dead or dying trees with many dead limbs.  Termites can consume them from the inside, weakening the trunks.
  • Never bury stumps or wood debris on Lot.  Colonies may develop in small pieces of wood.
  • Control moisture within and around structure with appropriate gutters, drainage systems, sumps, and venting where needed. Termites need moisture to feed within structures.
  • Lower soil grade near wood members, trim, siding, garage doorframes, crawlspaces, and under decks.
  • Use resistant building materials and techniques.  Steel framing, treated products, poured concrete, composite and plastic materials are all in-edible alternatives.  Termites eat wood.
  • Change conducive conditions in such a manner as to prevent future damage.  Thoughtful reconstruction alone may reduce the potential for future damage.

Rubber mulch and stone are great for borders and garden edges.

If you suspect you have a termite issue, or just want someone to look around and check your home, call us at Colonial Pest Control Inc., 1-800-525-8084!

Photo Credit : Credit: Dow AgroSciences



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